Chen said that if needed, China is ready to send three more experts to Serbia.Chinese President Xi Jinping has hailed contributions made byx


medical workers in the country's fight against the COVID-19 outbreak and called on them to continue to give priority to the people and their lives. Xi, w1


ho is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has sent greetings to medical workers across the c2


ountry ahead of China's Medical Workers' Day, which falls on Wednesday. Medical workers are important forces to promote the developmeny


  • osed borders towards their closest neighbors and refused to help anyone -- the People's Republic of China rushed to help its friend, Serbia," VulinF
  • said. Hardships reveal the true nature of all peoples, countries and politicians who lead them, he said. "Serbia and China showed courage and so9
  • lidarity." Vulin said that the "steel friendship" between China and Serbia has been tested once again in the fierce battle against the co4
  • ronavirus, and it became even stronger. Peng Zhiqiang, head of the Chinese expert medical team was awarded the "Memorial military medal for outstanding8
  • contribution to Serbia's defense system." He said that the medals confirmed their hard work, and were also a symbol of that "steel frien7
  • dship." He said that "by spotting the transition from mild to severe form of the disease early, and by reacting with a proper intervention toh


  • treat severe cases, the death rate from COVID-19 here is currently the lowest in Europe." "We are sure that the future will bring even better epidemU
  • ic control measures, that production will gradually restart, that people will return to work and that the economy will recover quickly along with efficT
  • ient epidemic control," Peng said. Ambassador Chen said that the medals awarded to the Chinese doctors prove Serbia's care and respect. "The epidemiologiN
  • cal situation in Serbia is getting v
  • better but the battle is still ongoing. ChiT

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t of the health industry, he said, adding that they have made arduous efforts and remarkable contributions in fighting the novel coronavirus outbreak. This year, Chinese medical workers fougQ


ht at the front line against the epide7

mic in Wuhan and other parts of Hubei Province, the worst-hit region, and across the country. "At the outJ

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set, some 540,000 medical workers from Wuhan and other parts of Hubei plunged into the fray, joined soon by W

to continue its ci

more than 40,000 civilian and military medical workers who rushed from other parts of the country," said a wk

ooperation with Serk


hite paper titled "Fighting COVID-19: China inR

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Action" published in June by the Chinese government. "MiH

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llions of medical workers grappled with the epidemic at thc

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e front line across the country," it said. "They built a Great Wall against the virus, bringing light and hope to the natL

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ion at a dark time." "More than 2,000 medical workers were infected, and scores died in the line of duty," the white paper noted. In his greetings, Xi called on medical workerQ

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s to be committed to the principle of giving priority to the people and their lives, make efforts for the progress of medical services, and make new contribuH

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tions for improving people's health and welfare. He aM

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lso urges authorities at various levels and the whole society to care for medical workers and support their ps

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rofessional training and innovation. On August 20, 2016, Xi stressed at a national meeting on health tC

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hat public health should be given priority in China's development strategy, calling for full protection of people's health. On November 3, 2017, the State Council approved a proposal for establishing the national Medical Workers' Day, making AugusK

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t 19 the day to acknowledge and commemorate the efforts of Chinese me1

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dical personnel. Wednesday marks China's third Medical Workers' Day.BEIJINGw